Networked Nation: Depicting German Cities in Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia

Jasper van Putten

The Cosmographia is a description of the world by the German cosmographer Sebastian Münster that was published in Basel from 1544 to 1628. The 1550 edition of the Cosmographia contains a series of 48 groundbreaking woodcut city views. The book glorified the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and spearheaded the genre of the ‘city book.’ This website maps the city views of the Cosmographia, exploring the fascinating contributions of its various makers, from the city governments who commissioned the views, to the artists who drew the cites, and the draftsmen and woodcutters who made the woodcut images. All individuals who contributed to the making of the views have their individual pages in the process diagram above.

The website presents the GIS component of my upcoming book, Networked Nation: Depicting German Cities in Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia, to be published with Brill in the new series Maps, Spaces, Cultures.

Artworks are in the public domain. Most images of city views used with permission from the site historic cities. All other content of this page, including maps and original illustrations, is Copyright © Jasper van Putten, 2014, All Rights Reserved, and should not be used without permission.

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